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The MEDICE Health Family

The MEDICE health family is proud to bring innovative, integrated and diverse healthcare solutions to those who need it. Explore our family roots, how we got to where we are today, and our vision and mission, inspiring every member of our health family in the UK, driving us forward.

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Our aspiration lives at the heart of our vision

Our vision statement outlines where we want to go in the coming years and defines a clear goal, uniting all of us across the UK MEDICE health family

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Based on our long-standing tradition as a family-run company, we will shape the future of medicine over the coming decade. We will become a leading global developer and provider of innovative, integrated and highly diverse healthcare solutions.

We are the Health Family for our patients, doctors, pharmacists, employees and partners

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Improving the health and lives of people in as many areas as possible is what motivates us on a daily basis.

We develop integrated solutions to help people in every phase of their illness by resolutely focusing on the needs of patients, doctors and pharmacists.

In this process, we always act responsibly and sustainably as a Health Family for the benefit of people and the environment

Our mission will help us achieve our goal

Our mission statement explains our ‘why’ and our motivation that drives our daily work, making our vision come alive

A look back at where it all began

  • 1949

    In post-war Germany Gustav Putter created Medice Arzneimittel GmbH to supply OTC medicines to his local community.

    Gustav's son, Sigurd, transformed Medice into a modern pharmaceutical company in the 80s

  • 90s

    MEDICE developed the ADHD medicine, Medikinet®

  • 2002

    Sigurd’s daughter, Dr Katja Pütter-Ammer joined MEDICE, shortly followed by her husband, Dr Richard Ammer

  • 2004

    Medikinet® launched in Germany

  • 2005

    Medikinet® XL launched in Germany

  • 2007

    Medikinet® XL is made available in the UK through a partner organisation

  • 2015

    Amfexa®, the ADHD medication was launched

  • 2023

    MEDICE UK, took over the management of the ADHD treatment portfolio and began the journey to launch other treatments in the UK

Our MEDICE Health Family

Our aim is to develop suitable preventative solutions and treatments for every stage of disease. From initial diagnosis through to chronic symptom management.

Our integrated structure brings together expertise within the MEDICE Health Family so we can bring our vision to life.

Our main areas of focus

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Digital health

We are committed to supporting patients and clinicians across specialist therapy areas

Explore our therapy area expertise and range of treatments available in the UK to support appropriate patients to manage the impact of their condition.

Therapy areas
Adverse event reporting
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Please retain the reported medication and packaging for further investigation by MEDICE UK.
Reporting side effects can provide more information on the safety of this medicine.